Surface Studio – A Computer With A Purpose

Are you excited? Because I’m excited. What I’m excited about is the new Surface Studio from Microsoft. Now, this isn’t your typical article about a new product because I’m not even interested in buying it. I have absolutely no artistic ability. I cannot draw well. I have no use for using super accurate pen on the display.

But here’s why I’m excited. Somebody finally designed a computer with a specific industry in mind. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Apart from a few gaming machines, every computer I’ve ever seen has basically been very generic machine that isn’t really suited to one task more than the other. And even those gaming machines are not much more than mostly fancy colors and lights. They do have some interesting keyboards and mice, but they still don’t have as much innovation as we see in the Surface Studio.

I hope this starts a new trend of companies designing computers for specific tasks, instead of one-size-fits-all machines that just do a mediocre job. As a developer, I often think of what I would want in a perfect computer, built with the tasks that developers do day in and day out. Maybe what fits my view of the perfect machine doesn’t fit other people’s needs, even if they are really doing the same task. Perhaps this is why no other company tries to do this, and just ends up settling for a plain old box. Hopefully Microsoft will someday create a software developer centric machine. Something that fits our needs and gets rid of all the junk that we don’t need.

Here’s the video that made me so excited. Maybe it has something to do with the music from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory bringing back nostalgic memories, but this whole video gave me shivers. I don’t even want this computer because I simply have no use for this thing. Most of the great features would end up not getting used and it would just be a fancy $3000 monitor. But seeing a computer that was designed for a specific purpose, and seems to have just been really well thought out, just makes me really happy.

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